Practicing truly competitive prices, Quinta do Monte proposes a new concept of wedding, which aim is to please the guests in everything.

The celebrations are schedulled acording to this dynamic:
  • Reception (with the staff flanking the red carpet and champaign);
  • Welcome drink (in the surrounding terraces, overviewing the south lake, lawns and horse riding ground);
  • Buffet (in a dedicated space, simultaneously with the welcome drink);
  • Banquet in the main hall (accompanied by music and dance floor).
This scheme brings various advantages:
  • Only one travel from the church or civil registry to QM, where the photo session can be done together with the welcome drink and buffet, while the guests enjoy the farm surroundings;
  • The possibility of celebrating the wedding in the farm;
  • To avoid the usual long wait before the banquet (without drink, food and resting), since in QM the celebration starts immediately after the first guests' arrival;
  • The banquet happens in a calm, select and relaxed ambient, due to the confraternization that precedes it;
  • The Buffet can be enjoyed in all its plentifulness and variety during all the celebration.

The menu presented below is just an example

Welcome Drink
  • Mineral Water, Juices, Beer, Wine
  • Sangria, Martini, Gin, Whisky, o'Porto
  • Salty Snacks, Couches, Dry Fruits
  • Pastries of Cod
  • Croquettes, Mill Cakes, Puff Pastries
  • Grated "Monte" Bread
  • Barbecue
At the Table
  • Creamy Vegetable Soup
  • Shellfish Rice
  • Pig Tenderloin in the Oven with Chestnut Sauce and Spinach Purée
  • Profiteroles
Cold Buffet
  • Cheese Table
  • Ham
  • Breaded Steaks
  • Boiled Edible Crab
  • Cod Pastries
  • Carrot Salad
  • Tropical Salad
  • Sea Delicacies Salad
  • Cod Salad
  • Pork, Bairrada Style
  • Meat Cake
  • Delicatessen Table
  • Cold Meats
  • Shrimp
  • Croquettes and Mill Cakes
  • Green Salads
  • Roe Salad
  • Chicken Salad
  • Octopus Salad
  • Stuffed Bread
  • Roast Turkey
  • "Estupeta" (Tuna Salad)
  • Fruit Salad
  • Season Fruit Arrangements
  • Strawberry Half-cold
  • Cookie Delight Cake
  • Cream Pie
  • Egg White Tart
  • Cheese Cake
  • Regional Pastry
  • Fruit Mirrors
  • Chocolat and Cream Half-cold
  • Pineapple Half-cold
  • Pudding, Molotof
  • Almond Pie
  • Grandma's Sweet
  • Diverse Pastry
  • Sweet Rice
  • Mineral Water
  • Juices
  • Beer
  • Monsaraz White and Red Wine
  • Casal Garcia Green Wine
  • Sangria
  • Coffee
  • Champaign
  • Licor Beirão
  • Amarguinha
  • o'Porto
  • Gin
  • Rum other blends
  • Whisky
  • Martini
Besides the traditional wedding celebrations, baptisms, solemn communions and anniversaries, Q M permits the organization of other kinds of events:
  • Reunions;
  • Conferences;
  • Coffee-breaks;
  • Cocktails;
  • Receptions;
  • Product Presentations;
  • Enterprise Parties;
  • Christmas Parties;
  • Theme Parties, among others.
Pliability and flexibility are indispensable features to achieve the desires of the "Celebrants", as they are our main guidelines.
Because each event is unique and has its own characteristics, Q M models its services, according to the situation, wether relating to the meal, wether concerning to the event itself, its structure and organization.
Know some of the options:
  • Exclusively using the Space;
  • Use of the space and catering;
  • Lunch or dinner with musical animation;
  • Lunch or dinner with dance animation;
  • Lunch or dinner with themed animation;
  • Etc.

Concerning the scheduling and structure of each event, you can decide either the welcome drink or other moments exist.